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Onward and Upward

Greetings all...Onward and upward is the current mantra. Farr is set for his outpatient physical therapy consult on Tuesday of next week. They will evaluate him and set up a course of physical therapy to fit his personal needs. He was given a set of electronic drums for his birthday. Music, it does a body good. He watched the instructional video for the set today. This will not only aid in his recovery, but is something that he so loves - music. Farr has started the journey of becoming one with his best buddy, the lazy boy.

All signs are positive he's well on his way to recovery. Will know more next Tuesday, on how all of this therapy will come together. In the meantime, the good vibes and prayers mean a load to Farr and Argus.

Troglodytes and the beginning of the week

Heya everyone! Argus is "net-less" for a short time, so I will be updating here on my blog for her. Here's to hoping she has net access soon - I know it's driving her batty.

Mark is doing well at their temporary home in Del Mar. So well, he's now laid claim to "HIS" lazy boy. lol They say they'll have to dynamite him out of the thing when the time comes. The initial meeting with the outpatient therapy unit should be soon. For now though, he's enjoying the fresh air, moving about the house and being with the love of his life. He's had us searching for "troglodytes," and of course none of us knew what he was talking about. No fear, he recalled the name of the movie and all is well. (have to love those obscure references that pop up from out of nowhere)

He's progressing very well. Continued thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. Mama passes her love on to everyone. Tune in here for further updates until such time Mama has her net access back.