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Best left unplanned

What is that saying about plans? Ah yes, this little gem from Burns ~ "The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft agley..." In my world I am slowly leaning toward the truth of this. In the grand scheme (ha, no pun intended) of my life, I'm a southpaw who has the unnatural leanings toward being mega detail oriented. I plot, I plan, I chart, I list, I draw it out, I calendar it - in short, I'm quite anal in regard to most things. According to some, I should be more "flexible" and "adaptable" since I'm a southpaw. Oh, that may be true in some areas - I am a Libra afterall. heh

Back to plans. There have been moments in life when I've gone completely around the bend when an outside force kinks up the carefully crafted chain of a plan. I don't mean the average throwing yer hands in the air and simply saying, 'fine! we'll do it that way." Oh nooooo, I'm a do or die type. Either I will box up the plan and quietly place it in the "outside force" area or I will tear it down in a matter of seconds and set about plotting, planning, charting, listing, drawing, erasing, rewriting the whole damned thing - whilst pulling hair out, ranting to no one in particular, grumbling while driving and overall being a perfect pita. I've yet to determine whether this is to "perfect" the original plan or simply "prove" that the original plan was the correct plan. Either way, it certainly eats a good chunk of my time and is most likely highly irritating to those around me.

Lately, though, I've been reflecting on this 'trait' of mine. It could be a good trait - heck, anyone who is flexible enough to change/revise a plan on the fly at the last second has to be... valuable - yes? Or this may be the perfect time for me to learn to use my southpaw-ness and just do things on the fly straight from the beginning. Not spending all that time with the planning, etc... Just think of all the things I could be doing instead. I could conquer my irrational fear of.... Oh hell, there I go with the planning again!

Is there any hope for me? lol

until then..... Panther

Where'd she go?

I'm having one of those days. The type of day where you wake up, stretch and feel fully energized and ready to tackle the day and all those projects. A smile on the face while grabbing the mornings first cuppa joe, walking to the front door – opening it and staring. Staring at nothing in particular, more like trapped in space with no time or sound.... just.... there. Walking back to my kitchen chair, plopping down and thinking... I wish I were me – not “this” me, that “other” me. All that smile, energy, gumption and creativity zapped out into that 'space,' left standing and staring out the front door. Those quirky ideas no longer bouncing around the padded area between my ears. :::sigh::: It could be the heat. I mean, really, who in their right mind doesn't melt away to steam the day after a refreshing downpour? I could say the tug and wiener chased the other me away – lord knows these two are responsible for terrorizing my sanity. Though I suppose that isn't fair to them. Nah, I'll just own up to the fact that the other me has flown off to some dream destination and is most likely enjoying a fun filled vacation – while me-me is left standing here willing her to come home and kindly replace all those quirky ideas she set free in the breeze....


Almost home

My re-Everythinging project is almost complete. Whew! Often times I wonder why on earth I just can't seem to leave well enough alone. Then again, where's the fun in the same oldness day in and day out? Meh, I wouldn't be me if I didn't start a re-everythinging project every few months. Ha!

Anyhu... Things are on the downhill slide going into the end of the month. By then I should be ready to start actually plopping down some posts. Til then...

Just sign me
Panther - the re-everythinging gal


Spring is sprung, newness all around. Myspaz turned itself into a.. well... not creative friendly place. So, after a year or more it's time to dust off this ol blog thing, deconstruct, rethink, revamp and re-introduce. I've had an epiphany - yeah, don't ask... You'll just have to wait until opening day. Check back in the coming weeks and at some point before full fledged summer this will be a different sort of blog. If we all cross our fingers, it may not take me months or years between postings this time! Ha!