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Hard workin man

Now that Crash Farr has had one session of PT, he's been workin hard on his own brand of PT. Here are a few snaps of our Farr hard at work.

All work and no rest makes for a very dull Farr.

And the beat goes on... Farr warming up his skills with his new toys.

Photo time

Hello all. As Argus mentioned in her blog, I did receive the photo of Farr via cell phone. As technological savvy as I am, I had to call a friend for a mini-lesson in sharing the photo from my phone (that ought to give Farr a good laugh! lol). After some blips and bumps, I managed to email it to myself. Yay for me!

Without further fuss, here's the man of the hour.... check out that grin! That's our Farr! Love ya Farr!

Marching orders

Yesterday Farr and Argus met with the tres therapists. After looking him over, much like a fine classic car, it was determined that Farr shall be put through the paces twice weekly (physical, speech and occupational) through the end of December at the Scripps Outpatient Therapy Clinic. We've made it this far, I'm sure a few exercises will be nothing.

A moment of hilarity (okay, maybe just for me) came about when the first thing the main therapist asked was, "Where's your crash helmet?" ; } Actually, this is one of the first things I asked Argus when I found that they had plans for getting Farr out of the bed and moving around a bit. To hear it was also a concern of the pro's... well, it just made a few of us laugh. I think I'll start referring to Farr as..... Crash Farr. lol

The upside of all of this is Argus will have access to the net during the times Farr is at the clinic and will be able to post updates to her blog AND read to Farr all the lovely notecards to email that everyone has been sending along via the mailbox at Echo. Keep an eye on this space and I will let everyone know when that first session will be, as the posting will return to Argus' blog at that point.

Keep the good thoughts and well wishes coming and if you haven't yet, stop on by Echo and leave Farr a notecard in the mailbox on the front porch. I'm sure he'd love to hear from each and every one of you. I also plan, at some point, to print them all up and post them to Argus for Farr to read for himself when he is ready.

Therapy Tuesday

Good morning everyone. Today is testing day. We will be meeting with the occupational, speech and general physical therapists to map out the plan of attack for regaining physical traits that are trailing a bit behind. Then in a few weeks, we will meet with the surgeon once again. Things are still looking up and forward.

Over the weekend, we went out for mexican cuisine and visited with Farr's last roommate in the hospital. Farr's spirits are great and he is very much so enjoying the one on one phone calls some of you have been making. We will post more information after the visit with the therapists.