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Best left unplanned

What is that saying about plans? Ah yes, this little gem from Burns ~ "The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft agley..." In my world I am slowly leaning toward the truth of this. In the grand scheme (ha, no pun intended) of my life, I'm a southpaw who has the unnatural leanings toward being mega detail oriented. I plot, I plan, I chart, I list, I draw it out, I calendar it - in short, I'm quite anal in regard to most things. According to some, I should be more "flexible" and "adaptable" since I'm a southpaw. Oh, that may be true in some areas - I am a Libra afterall. heh

Back to plans. There have been moments in life when I've gone completely around the bend when an outside force kinks up the carefully crafted chain of a plan. I don't mean the average throwing yer hands in the air and simply saying, 'fine! we'll do it that way." Oh nooooo, I'm a do or die type. Either I will box up the plan and quietly place it in the "outside force" area or I will tear it down in a matter of seconds and set about plotting, planning, charting, listing, drawing, erasing, rewriting the whole damned thing - whilst pulling hair out, ranting to no one in particular, grumbling while driving and overall being a perfect pita. I've yet to determine whether this is to "perfect" the original plan or simply "prove" that the original plan was the correct plan. Either way, it certainly eats a good chunk of my time and is most likely highly irritating to those around me.

Lately, though, I've been reflecting on this 'trait' of mine. It could be a good trait - heck, anyone who is flexible enough to change/revise a plan on the fly at the last second has to be... valuable - yes? Or this may be the perfect time for me to learn to use my southpaw-ness and just do things on the fly straight from the beginning. Not spending all that time with the planning, etc... Just think of all the things I could be doing instead. I could conquer my irrational fear of.... Oh hell, there I go with the planning again!

Is there any hope for me? lol

until then..... Panther